Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The conspiracy of Green card

This month the priority date of EB2 green card application has fallen back to 2000. I am in this category and that means I will need to wait another 8 years according to the current processing speed. My H1B will be extended next year for another 3 years so I won't be worried about my staying just yet. But what about after that? I've heard that the longest time a person can hold H1B status is 9 years. By then, I will still be waiting for my green card! This is happening to thousands of people who were educated in the US, often obtained an advance degree, and want to stay here. Probably most of us will have to leave after working for this country for 9 years due to the visa situation.

This is brilliant, from the government point of view. First of all, the most productive time of these highly educated people is used by the US enterprises, creating billions of profits for them and equally large amount of tax revenue for local governments. Then, if these people can't stay, their social security benefits won't need to be paid in the future. In the long run, when these people go back to their own country, they will bring with them the American ideology and business ties. It's a no lose situation for this country! Squeeze the hell of them and kick them out, great capitalism.

But how about those illegal immigrants? Sure it looks like this country needs more low-skilled labor more than the better educated crowd (except the cream of the crop, who can apply for EB1 without a waiting period). Every one should start pumping out American citizens so we can stay here, I guess.


  1. It is true. I feel bad about this. But we will survive in any place. The great place is in our heart.

  2. Even i also feel bad, but don't worry everything will be all right.