Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vote with your feet

Last week one of my colleagues had a chat with me about her experience applying for the Green Card. Sure there were a lot of pain and frustration. It really seems that this country doesn't want people to follow the legal route to come here and treats whoever attempts to do so like crap.

But later I read a post online about how a father ran back-and-forth between two cities many many times to try to obtain a Beijing Hukou (a unique form of registration for permanent residence in Mainland China) for his infant daughter. Of course, before she was born, he had to also go through many hurdles to obtain a permit to have the child. The father is a PhD and a professor in one of the best universities, but it didn't help his case in anyway (I agree it shouldn't, he is entitled to be treated like crap just as everyone else). He said at the end that he would prepare his daughter for a US Hukou.

Well, prepare for more torture for that one.