Friday, May 1, 2009

Pets for Dinner

A friend of mine and I went to a mechanic owned by a Chinese. There was an aquarium in their office. I said it's a popular thing to have aquarium at home because water means "fortune". We like them to be flowing in like flowing water. There were koi in the tank and that reminded me of an accident a few years ago when the heater of my dad's aquarium malfunctioned and boiled all his koi alive. Since we knew how those poor thing died, we actually ate the fish...Nothing goes to waste! My friend was of course surprised to hear that. I proceeded to tell him that we used to keep pigeons for pets and when there were too many of them, we would eat them...

I think that scared him a bit, lol.

On our way back, he pointed out to the pigeons on the street: "Hey, DINNER!"


  1. 青帝,谢谢你回复,原谅我英文很糟糕.

  2. koi是锦鲤,lol是一个缩写,指laughing out loud(大声笑)