Thursday, May 7, 2009

10 Years of Punishment

Precisely because I am jumping through all the right hoops for my green card, I oppose changing the laws to let illegal immigrants get ahead of the legal ones. There is a story on NPR today about an American man's South American wife. She over stayed her visitor visa and was discovered by the USCIS. Apparently not knowing what that meant, she didn't realize that counts as an arrest and she needed to go to court to appeal. She was denied green card years later when she got married and tried to go through the legal channel. She was deported and not allowed to come back for 10 years. Amazingly, this didn't break the marriage, her husband goes down to see her and her kids every 3 months.

Don't want to sound insensitive here but she broke the law, as all the other illegal immigrants. If you over stayed your visa, knowing that your status is illegal, and don't even bother to find out how the law will punish you, maybe you shouldn't stay in this country. Because you don't respect the law. I understand people come here for opportunities, but if this country is overwhelmed by the lawless, then it won't provide equal opportunity to everyone anymore.

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