Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not a Penny Less

While walking with my American friends, I am always amused by our encounters with the pan-handlers on the streets of Chicago. The beggars never ask me for money, they usually bother my friends. One of my white male friends was very pissed about it when he realized that I can just walk on by while he will be stopped every time. He actually yelled at the beggar for not bothering me.

I reckon the assumptions that's critical to beggars survival are:

A. Chinese people can't understand what they were saying (slang or plain English).

B. Chinese people are poor and have no change.

C. Chinese people have money but they never give to the beggars anyway.

Oh yeah, I can pretend that I am all of the above.

While I am digging hard on this land of gold, your Americans citizens take my tax dollars without extending me the right to vote and threaten to throw me out if I lose my job. Now you want my sympathy too?

Hell no.

1 comment:

  1. Hi,

    As a person trying to get permanent residence, I share your frustration and daily struggle. But I am not sure I share your anger toward the pen-handlers for not "extending me the right to vote and threaten to throw me out if I lose my job."

    For whatever reason, the beggars are down on their luck. They are definitely not the ones who can make/change immigration laws. I do think they deserve some sympathy.