Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stop holding my hands, I know how to do it!

Last weekend I was in a pottery shop for a friend's show. The shop owner (I assumed) kindly showed me how to use some of their salt & pepper shakers. Oh yeah, you've guessed it, that ain't no rocket science. I was just curious about their shapes (being a designer you see). After he demonstrated how to put salt into that little hole in the bottom of the shaker, he poured some out in my hand, and I rememebered that Chase commercial I've seen on TV: one is supposed to throw the salt over his/her shoulder. Trust me, I was about to do that when he firmly grabbed my wrist and "helped" me throw the salt in the "right way".

As always, I smiled and said "thanks" while deep down inside I was insulted. So what if I didn't do that? So what if I didn't throw the salt over the "right" shoulder and it will bring me bad luck? It's my own fate and it's of no concerns to him! OK, OK, here is the point: just because I am a Chinese woman, look much younger than I really am, and always smile at strangers, doesn't mean I am an idiot.

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